Recovery after knee replacement surgery will go something like this. Within the first three weeks you are doing therapy at home and working on bending and straightening the knee. You will be walking more independently every day. At three weeks after surgery most patients return to the office on a cane, walker, or maybe no assistive device. The assistive device will be used for balance and not for pain control. At six weeks after knee replacement, typically patients will return to activities they enjoy like golfing, bowling, maybe starting to hit the tennis ball, or racquet ball. At three months after knee replacement surgery I expect you to return to most of the activities you enjoy. With the exception of high impact activities such as running, singles tennis, or anything that requires pounding of your knee. Within that year, you will get better every month. At your one year follow-up, you will start to forget about the knee replacement. Remember our goal is to get you back in your game as quickly as possible.